I am writing  these few words  as the Chancellor and Chairperson of the Open International University for Complimentary Medicines  (affiliated to Medicina Alternativa).

Over the past many years I have been attending almost all the World Conferences in November in Colombo .

I have been witnessing the efforts of the members of the O.I.U.C.M. towards the improvement of health and overall wellness locally and within the international community .This has been a motivation for many people to contribute for the change that we all want to see in our planet Earth for a better way of being .

This role is another opportunity for me to carry the mission of serving humanity and be available for everyone who is searching for happiness, health, prosperity and well being. It is the time for the awakening of our inner potentialities to create the new humanity with  love, happiness and kindness.

We all can afford for the birth of the new human being, who deserves to be joyous, healthy, wealthy and free from suffering.

Wishing  you all happiness and success in your endeavors.

Prof. Dr.Dame Theresa Thu Thuy Nguyen
MBBS (Uni of Melb).,D.Ac., MD (MA)., Ph.D., K.St.J
Chancellor and Chairperson
President of HUESA