Governance Structure


Registered in Alma Ata Kazakhstan in 1962- deed no 115620.20.6.30

His Excellency J. R.Jayewardene, former President of Sri Lanka, by Letter No. 196/1 of 25th March, 1988 recognized the Open International University for Complementary Medicines as a privately funded body and also kindly consented (in August 1989) to be the Honorary Patron of this University.

  • Legally incorporated in Sri Lanka with the approval of BOI- N (PVS) 44736
  • Established by Moscow Charter of 10 August 1975 by President Medicina Alternativa citing and vesting -Medicina Alternativa affiliated to OIUCM in Sri Lanka. Thus MA continues to legally remain in SL as the only Medicina Alternativa vested with the power to issue higher degrees through its affiliate OIUCM.
  • Over 100 Legally incorporated branches worldwide in all continents.
  • Legally notarized deed to function as a University as per Objects of Medicina Deed of Trust 432
  • Clinical training at No 8 Buddhist Centre Road, Wellewatte, Sri Lanka and other affiliated Clinics
  • Registered with Private Health Services Regulatory Council of Sri Lanka.
  • Plans to incorporate by an act of Parliament

And we have been in operation continuously for over 50 years !!

Our Free Clinic and Clinical Training is provided at 8 Buddhist Centre Road. Click here for more information

MA Sri Lanka the International Headquarter of MA 

The Charter authority which vested with Medicina Alternativa in Sri Lanka in 1975 continues to date and MA Sri Lanka remains the legal International Headquarter for Medicina Alternativa activities worldwide.

Even though a large number of  institutions worldwide claim to be affiliated to MA, the genuine institutions are those who have valid credentials from us to operate clinics and classes. The higher degree certification authority is vested solely with MA located in Sri Lanka.


  • Recognized by the United Nations Peace University constituted under United Nations General Assembly Resolution No. 35/55/5/XII/80.
  • OIUCM certificates are accepted by the Tamil Nadu Acupuncture Council which is accepted by the Government of Tamil Nadu and the Government of India.


OIUCMED  is happy to announce that it is now accredited by the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission– CIAC.  This prestigious accreditation is part of an International system of quality assurance which requires colleges and universities to reach a common understanding and agreement as to the standards of quality for International higher education. Following a rigorous  process of evaluation to receive formal accreditation, the Confederation of International Accreditation Commission – CIAC has approved our formal accreditation. CIAC is a private, non-governmental, self-regulated and fast growing accreditation/rating agency which is continuously working towards improvement of quality assurance standards around the globe.

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