The text books used in the teaching curriculum are:

Text books used in the teaching programme of the Open International University for Complementary Medicines
Clinical Acupuncture (1010 Pages)
Acupuncture Therapeutics
Acupuncture, The Fourteen Channels (Revised)
Homoeopathy Keynotes
Explanation of Chinese Names of Acupuncture Points
The Future of Complementary Medicines
Clinical Acupuncture (Sinhala)
Management of Diabetes Mellitus (in preparation)
Philosophy of TAO
Trace Elements (Oligo elements)
Homoeopathic Prescriber-Materia Medica Co-Author Dr. Angelika Mehmke
The Vitamins
Archaeological Evidence Proves that Acupuncture Originated in Pre—historic Sri Lanka
Manual Medicine
Acupuncture to Bypass Kidney Transplantation
Principles & Practice of Meditation Therapy
Religions (Reference book for those students interested in the cultural history of Sri Lanka)
Principles and Practice of Integrated Clinical Neurology
Acupuncture, The Fourteen Channels
The Scientific Basis of Acupuncture
Clinical Homoeopathy
Klinische Akupunktur (German)
Acupuncture Information for Patients & Lay Persons
Clinical Rheumatology
Clinical Acupuncture (Tamil)
Acupunctura Clinica (Spanish)
The Sweet Success of Diabetes Control
Update on Homoeopathy
Medicina Alternativa Pictorial Co-Authors Dr. Angelika Mehmke and Peter Kamp
Laser Therapy
Clinical Psychotherapy (Anton J ayasuriya & Lakshman Madurasinghe)
Doctors Do Harm to Patients
Clinical Auriculotherapy
Yoga Therapy
T.C.M. (Principles and Practice of Traditional Chinese Medicines)

Copies of salient text books are sent . In addition, most universities in Europe and North America recognize the teaching methodology of Medicina.