Sec GeneralJanuary 24th 2016
There have been many years since I met our Dearest Sir Anton.
I still remember the discussions we have done as to how could we help people living healthy and have a decent life.

By that time, I told him that he would have my full support, in every way, in order to accomplish his aim for the Good of Humanity.

It is then when we started to work strongly together towards the fulfillment of this Ecumenical Vision, in order to help humanity.

Since then, I keep working on this Holy Purpose and I will keep on fully supporting his Work, by overcoming all the difficulties, with a spirit of Love, Unity and Creative Action.

I have been, I am still and I will be supporting and protecting that wonderful effort .

I wish this new Start to be in consistency with Sir Anton Ecumenical Work and I believe that will overcome difficulties, that may possibly arise, with Love, Unity and Creative Action, for the Good of Humanity.

Prof. Dr. Sir Georgios Angelinakis- Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Acupuncturist
M.B.BS, D.M.T.M., Ph.D, D.Ac., D.I.Ac, D.HOM, M.M.A, M.F.HOM, D.L.Sc, D.M.Sc, D.I.SC
Secretary General